Is media regulation necessary

Social media and the apta: is regulation really necessary earlier this summer a group of apta delegates from washington proposed rc 23-12, a motion that aims to address standards of conduct in the use of social media. Media regulation is the control or guidance of mass media by governments and other bodies this regulation , via law , rules or procedures, can have various goals, for example intervention to protect a stated public interest , or encouraging competition and an effective media market , or establishing common technical standards. It has been argued that the media ownership rules in the broadcasting services act should be repealed and that the industry should be treated the same as other areas of the economy, ie be subject to competition regulation through the australian competition and consumer commission (accc. To achieve this, it is important that the self regulation body set up by the media has as wide representation as possible we must get civil society, religious leaders, media scholars represented in such a body.

The argument for self-regulation in the media by anthony osae-brown msc in financial journalism university of stirling this paper argues that self-regulation, with all the criticisms against necessary this answers to the criticisms that the pcc is “old boys. This study, written by andrew puddephatt, focuses on different angles of self-regulation applied to the media sector it summarizes the intersections of the theme with the practice of journalism, the editorial principles and strategies for corporate social responsibility. Forecast 2010: media regulation january 4, 2010 media regulations by katy bachman, mediaweek government regulation, a necessary part of the business for any company owning a broadcast license, has never been so active, nor so uncertain, thanks to a media landscape beset by innumerable challenges.

Of measures that it regarded as the necessary elements of an effective self- regulatory regime, and that the pcc should be given 18 months to demonstrate that non-statutory self-regulation could be made to work effectively. 13 why are media regulated there is a contradiction intrinsic to the notion of regulating what are supposed to be the free means of expression and information in a modern society regulation by its very nature sets limits to freedom, which is the most basic principle of democratic societies. Home vce media units 3&4 agency and control media regulation there are a number of reasons why we believe it is necessary to regulate the media • one of the reasons that we regulate the media is the possibility of copycat behaviour. Deregulation is the process of removing or reducing state regulations, typically in the economic sphere it is the repeal of governmental regulation of the economy.

Media regulation: what should be regulated, and how posted on 26th march 2012 / under blog far more important is determining what a new body should regulate, how it should regulate, and what powers and sanctions it would deploy to address the what question, let’s examine headline concerns about press conduct this should be. 1 introduction 11 what is media regulation the `media' whose regulation i am discussing are the public means of mass communication, especially the press, radio and television, but also including film and recorded music as well as a number of newer means of distribution by way of cable, satellite, discs, tapes, etc. Media laws - an overview written by: aparimita basu, a final year student of symbiosis institute of mass communication, pune however, the most significant day in the history of media regulations was the 26th of january 1950 – the day on which the constitution was brought into force it is necessary to mention here that, this freedom. Self-regulatory bodies with state funding self-regulation does not necessarily exclude the possibility of state funding there are examples of self-regulatory media bodies that receive some funding from the state, including finland (where half the costs of the council are funded by the state) quebec, (part state-funded) and germany (where the council is part funded by the state with funding. Media law is a legal field that relates to legal regulation of the telecommunications industry, information technology, broadcasting, advertising, the entertainment industry, censorship, and internet and online services among others.

The importance of self regulation of the media in upholding freedom of expression andrew puddephatt 1 development as freedom, amartya sen, oup 1999 series necessary condition for a media environment that can support democracy this argument has particular currency in the united states with its first amendment. 31 this regulation applies to social media accounts created by and representing nc state departments and/or units identifying problems that emerge and taking any appropriate action when necessary 52 social media accounts cannot be used for purposes of political activities or making any political statements. Updating australia's media laws radio and newspapers from structuring their businesses efficiently or achieving the scale necessary to adapt and compete more effectively with newer unregulated services the government has announced the most significant reforms to australian media regulation in a generation. For example, a database on media allegations of anti-competitive behaviour in sub-saharan africa for the ten years to december 2004 13 revealed a wide range of competition concerns in the region.

  • Over the past week or so, i've been publishing a series of diaries about media concentration, laying out how we came to be in the mess that we're in and why we need media regulation in a democracy.
  • Specifically, media content itself can be analyzed by others within the media, leaving the final judgment up to the viewers self-regulation is important because anyone in the media is capable of conveying bias in lieu of restricting content, a free media would be capable of “policing” itself.

The structure of the mass media and government regulation public radio and public television, which receive part of their revenues from the federal government through the corporation for public broadcasting (cpb), represent a comparatively small share of the market. Regulation and self-regulation of the media broadcast journalism the office of communications (ofcom) controls the statutory regulation of commercial television and radio stations in the uk, and alsothe bbc. The cable system can not censor the content of the candidate's material in any way, and can not discriminate between candidates in practices, regulations, facilities or services rendered pursuant to the equal opportunities rules. Introduction to mass media/media law and ethics from wikibooks, open books for an open world there are a host of ethics issues that can arise in the world of professional media, but some of the most important issues are those concerning defamation, libel and slander media regulation and censorship.

is media regulation necessary Media regulation powerpoint 1 {contemporary mediaregulationg325 revision 2 what i need to learn about:• how media regulation now is different to the past• the different kinds of media regulation and how they allseek to ‘protect’ the public in the same way• the effectiveness and impact of various forms of mediaregulation – how well do they work and what differencesdo they make to.
Is media regulation necessary
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